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We design and build playgrounds for all ages and all abilities. Navigate through our playground product categories below.

Since 2000 Northern California Cities, Park and Recreation District, Public and Private Schools have relied on NSP3 as a trusted resource for the supply of quality playground equipment. Our products include PlayCraft, Dynamo, ID Sculpture, Themed Concepts, and Freenotes Harmony Park.

For 25 years PlayCraft has been a leading manufacturer producing some of the most advanced playground products in the industry. Take a look at one of our projects with Playcraft at Wicklund Park. PlayCraft’s manufacturing facility in Southern Oregon is world class, they have ability to control all aspects of their product development and production.
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2-5 Structures

2-5 Structures | Northstate Playgrounds

5-12 Structures

5-12 Structures | Northstate Playgrounds

Themed Playgrounds

Themed Playgrounds | Northstate Playgrounds

Creative Concepts

Creative Concepts | Northstate Playgrounds

Musical Play

Musical Play | Northstate Playgrounds

Swing Sets

Swing Sets | Northstate Playgrounds

Early Childhood

Early Childhood | Northstate Playgrounds

Climbers & Freestanding

Climbers & Freestanding | Northstate Playgrounds

Safety Surfacing

Safety Surfacing | Northstate Playgrounds

Spray Grounds

Spray Grounds | Northstate Playgrounds


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