Ready To Start Your DSA Project?

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DSA or Department of State Architects. If you’ve heard the name you know that your project isn’t going to be quick and easy. Between the multiple inspections and submittals there comes the headache of knowing what manufacturers structure can even withstand your area’s seismic rating. Do you hire an architect? What type of inspections are needed to appease California’s regulations? … Read More

Playground Safety Surfacing

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When it comes to playgrounds, the most important factor to children is obviously the fun factor. Give them slides, give them climbers, and please never forget the swings! Parents on the other hand have a different list of wants for the parks and school yard playgrounds that their children will be playing on. At the top of every parents list … Read More

Bagby Elementary

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Brand new DSA covers at Bagby Elementary School in San Jose! Great custom paint job! Thank you Cambrian School District for allowing us to work with you on this project! Click here to see more of our DSA covers! Are you looking to start a DSA project? Let our DSA Cover experts help you cut through all of the red … Read More

Why Choose A West Coast Playground Manufacturer?

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Playground projects, whether they’re in a park or a school, are an expensive undertaking for everyone involved. From the manufacturer to the customer, the cost of building a steel and rotomold playground is a costly venture. One factor that many customers do not incorporate into their planned budgets is the costs to ship the playground. If you took the cost … Read More

Wicklund Park

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By Denise Ellen Rizzo, of the Tracy Press MOUNTAIN HOUSE — The sounds of children’s laughter filled the neighborhood park at Wicklund Village on Wednesday when local officials dedicated two new playground areas. The new playgrounds, one for children ages 2 to 5 and another for ages 5 to 12, replaced the deteriorating playground equipment at the 14-year-old park in … Read More