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Quality starts here! NSP3 offers a wide range of products from the top recreation industry manufacturers. Read more about them below.

PlayCraft | Our Equipment | Northstate Playgrounds

Playcraft has been producing the finest playground equipment, climbers, freestanding playground equipment, and inclusive playgrounds in the recreation industry for over 25 years.

Custom Shade Canopies | Our Equipment | Northstate Playgrounds
Custom Canopies

Custom Canopies manufactures top-of-the-line shade canopies, sails, and umbrellas for any outdoor gathering space, park, athletic seating area, or playground. Custom Canopies use leading industry designers to create quality shades.

Frogs Furnishings | Our Equipment | Northstate Playgrounds
Freenotes Harmony Park

Freenotes Harmony Park builds the highest quality outdoor musical instruments in the industry. Musical playground equipment adds creativity, fun, and stress relief to any outdoor area.

Frogs Furnishings | Our Equipment | Northstate Playgrounds
Frog Furnishings

Frog Furnishing is an industry leading eco-friendly site furnishings company.Frog Furnsihings provide versatile outdoor furniture at a competitive price and an even more competitive quality.

PlayPour Rubber Surfacing | Our Equipment | Northstate Playgrounds

PlayPour is a durable and low-maintenance safety surfacing system for playgrounds and waterparks. Playpour is rubber bonded together to make a double layer of shock absorbing safety surfacing.

PlayPour Rubber Surfacing | Our Equipment | Northstate Playgrounds
Water Odyssey

Water Odyssey is recognized as one of the top Aquatic Play Equipment manufacturers in the industry. Their interactive water structures bring joy to thousands because of the superior designs and engineering that go into the Water Odyssey products.

ICON Shelters | Our Equipment | Northstate Playgrounds

ICON creates shade shelters of all size and shape. At ICON they are an innovative company that has unmatched capabilities when it comes to DSA shades, monoslope shade shelters, and more.

EWS Structures | Our Equipment | Northstate Playgrounds

Engineered Wood Structures engineers, designs, and manufactures a variety of wooden shelters and pavilions. The unique wooden shelters they manufacture are perfect for any school, park,
or outdoor area.

Anova Furnishings | Our Equipment | Northstate Playgrounds

UltraSite provides commercial-grade low-maintenance outdoor recreation products that are built to last. They offer benches, tables, grills, bleachers, bike racks, dog park equipment, and so much more.

Anova Furnishings | Our Equipment | Northstate Playgrounds
Anova Site Furnishing

Anova Site Furnishings was created with the purpose of designing and manufacturing stunning commercial outdoor furniture. Anova has the perfect benches, tables, and more for your next project.

 International Mulch Company | Our Equipment | Northstate Playgrounds
IMC Outdoor Living

IMC Outdoor Living is one of the top rubber mulch producers in the country. IMC Outdoor Living uses 100% recycled rubber to create their rubber mulch.

Valley School Shelters | Our Equipment | Northstate Playgrounds
Valley School Shelters

When it comes to School Lunch Shelters, no one stands out more than Valley School Shelters. Valley School Shelters is a leading manufacturer of California DSA School Lunch Shelters and Walkway Covers.

Dynamo Playgrounds | Our Equipment | Northstate Playgrounds
Dynamo Industries

Thinking of intricate playground structures always leads to thinking about Dynamo Playgrounds. Dynamo Playgrounds utilizes the latest in rope technology to create revolutionary playgrounds and obstacle courses.

IDSculpture | Our Equipment | Northstate Playgrounds
ID Sculptures

ID Sculptures specializes in nature-based playgrounds and structures. IDS offers Playground Rock Climbers, Vines Climbers, Customized Play Sculptures, Terra Critters, and so much more.

PlayGuard Tiles | Our Equipment | Northstate Playgrounds

TotTurf does it all when it comes to playground flooring. Offering offers a large line of Poured-In-Place Rubber, rubber tiles, synthetic turf, rubber mulch, splash pad flooring, and more.

Rain-Drop Spraygrounds | Our Equipment | Northstate Playgrounds

RainDrop products are the best in the business at making water fun. Whether you want to put in a splash bad at your park or make build an entire waterpark, RainDrop has the splash grounds to make it possible.