While playground projects provide a wealth of long-term benefits for communities their immediate costs can be prohibitive.  However, by budgeting and using the financial resources available you can make your dream playground a reality.

There can be many expenses involved with playground projects that if not properly accounted for early can cause headaches as your project progresses such as:

  • Preparing your site by ensuring proper drainage, a level surface, and containment using plastic or concrete borders.
  • Cost of safety surfacing including delivery, installation, and yearly maintenance.
  • Fees for permits and inspection of necessary structures
  • Landscaping and environmental engineering
  • Structure installation
  • Site amenities including benches, water fountains, and walking paths

Depending on the needs of your site and the ambition of your playground project these costs can vary widely. But, there are many financial assistance options available:

Purchasing Contracts

NSP3 works with a wide range of agencies that offer pre-negotiated purchasing contracts that allow qualified agencies to receive discounts on our products and services while avoiding the bid procurement process.

Learn more about our Purchasing Contracts

Federal Programs

GSA 300x300 FundingGeneral Services Administration Purchasing Contracts

GSA contracts allow for vendors to provide goods and services at pre-arranged prices for qualified government and military agencies. To find participating vendors and learn more visit


State of California programs

cmas FundingCalifornia Multiple Award Schedules

Like GSA contracts, CMAS contracts allow for vendors to provide goods and services at pre-arranged prices for qualified public agencies. CMAS contracts also allow for several types of fees normally associated with playground builds to be waived. To learn more about CMAS contracts visit the California Department of General Services homepage


calrecycle FundingCalRecycle Grants

CalRecycle is a state agency that provides grants for use of post-consumer recycled goods in public works projects. The current grant offered by CalRecycle is the Tire-Derived Product or TDP grant. This grant provides money for rubber mulch safety surfacing for playgrounds that are derived from tires originating within the State of California. To learn more about the TDP grant program visit CalRecycle’s information page.


Playworld Systems Financing Programs

PSI World Needs Play 300x96 Funding

Phased Builds

The phasing program at Playworld Systems allows for playgrounds to be installed in sections as funding for your playground project develops. To learn more about Playground Phasing visit the Phasing information page on Playworld Systems’ website.



Playworld Systems’ leasing program is like no other. A simple financing offer that splits the cost of equipment, delivery, and installation into manageable payments with the option to purchase the equipment at the end of your term for $1. To learn more about this program visit the leasing page at the Playworld website.


Other options available

Public and private stimulus

There are many other types of grants offered by corporations, government entities, and non-profit agencies. NSP3 is available to assist you in finding a program that matches your needs, as well as grant writing.


Community Assisted Builds

By promoting your project within your community, running fundraisers, and with the help of local businesses and volunteers a playground project can be completing with little or no cost. If you require help promoting your project and soliciting donations within your community, NSP3 is happy to provide assistance to get your project going. Learn more about community builds at the Playworld Systems’ website.