We offer a variety of surfacing products to meet the needs of your park or playground including rubber bark by AgLink, poured in place rubber, rubber tiles, and Engineered Virgin Wood Fiber.


Virgin Wood Fiber for Playgrounds

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ewf Surfacing

Use the calculator below to see how much wood fiber you will need for your playground area.

To Measure Cubic Yards Of wood fiber Needed For Surfacing:

Square Footage:
Current Depth:  

Desired Depth:  

(Pre-compaction depth of 12″ recommended with 33% compaction rate)


(Engineered Wood Fiber generally has a 25-35% compaction rate)



An inexpensive yet robust material that is produced right here in California from sustainable growth forests. This material not only provides 12″ Inches of fall protection, but maintains compliance with ADA accessibility rules.
Engineered wood fiber is available for delivery throughout California at an excellent price for quantities of 80 yards or more. We offer professional shipping as well as hand-spread or blown-in installations.







100% California Recycled Tire Rubber Bark

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Rubber Tires Surfacing
Our Rubber Bark is engineered especially with playgrounds in mind to meet national playground safety standards. Because of this, it is a rugged and long lasting material that protects against falls, and won’t break down, float away, or discolor over time.


rubbermulch 300x225 SurfacingRubber Bark is available in 7 different lead and phthalate free colors, and is 99.99% free of any metals or contamination. We source our Rubber Bark from Ag Link, Inc. at their plant in Ballico, CA where they process millions of pounds of California’s used tires yearly. By sourcing this product locally from used tires we not only keep prices low we also help reduce the overall CO2 impact on the environment as well as used tire stockpiles.


This product’s cost and delivery is fully refundable under CalRecycle’s Tire Derived Product (TDP)  Grant Program for qualified public entities. Learn about CalRecycle TDP

Poured-in-Place Impact Surfacing

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We offer poured-in-place surfacing composed of 100% California Tire Derived Buffings to create a soft impact absorbing layer below a layer of colored EPDM rubber.
This surfacing material is excellent for creating a long lasting and low maintenance impact surface by combining loose crumb rubber and urethane binder and spreading it within your playground area.


Rubber Tiles

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Our rubber impact tiles are molded out of the same materials as our poured-in-place surfacing while having the convenience of being removable or installed in more permanent installations. They are available in many colors of free-floating and interlocking models depending on application.

Rubber Mats

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Wear mat 300x199 Surfacing

Our rubber mats are made from recycled tires and are perfect for playground swing and slide landings, fitness, and equestrian applications.