Site Amenities

Our selection of site amenities, site furnishings, and outdoor activities include products by top manufacturers made from the highest quality, eco-friendly materials available. Our selection includes park furnishings by Frog (jayhawk), King’s River Castings, Ultra-Site, outdoor musical instruments by Freenotes Harmony Park, as well as concrete ping pong and chess tables by Bravado Outdoor Products.


Games and Activities

Outdoor Musical Instruments by Freenotes Harmony Park

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Freenotes Outdoor Musical Instruments bring a world of musical education and fun to any outdoor space. Designed by Grammy Award winning composer Richard Cooke, the Freenotes Harmony Park collection represents the best sounding and durable outdoor musical instruments. With eleven instruments to choose from, each with their own unique sculptural design and sound you have options to build your ensemble over time.



Concrete Table Tennis and Chess Tables by Bravodo Outdoor Products


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Our concrete table tennis and chess tables are made to bring indoor sports outdoors. Made from solid multi-pour reinforced concrete and incorporating tamper-resistant hardware they are durable in any situation including high traffic, high-vandalism areas.


Each table also offers a world of customization including custom net lettering making the tables perfect for corporate sponsors, and for spreading your brand. In addition, the color of each table can be individually customized in several integral concrete pigment colors.


Benches and Picnic Tables

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Eco-Friendly Recycled Site Furnishings by Frog


Our line of recycled plastic resin-wood benches by Frog Furnishings offers unparalleled style, durability, and eco-friendliness. Each of our recycled benches is composed of over 3,000 recycled milk jugs diverting several hundred pounds of waste plastic from landfills across the country. Combining these milk jugs with non-toxic UV stabilizers and fade-resistant colorant creates a material that is both attractive and denser than other recycled plastic products on the market.


Because of this extreme density Frog Furnishings recycled plastic is not susceptible to vandalism like other recycled plastics as marker ink and paint are not able to permeate into the material. As such paint and markers can be easily wiped off with the help of paint thinner while scratches can disappear with heat or sand paper.


Benches and Tables Made from Traditional Materials


Our benches and tables are made from high quality materials such as steel, aluminum, or wood. They are designed for high traffic public areas, and come in a wide variety of customizable colors, styles, and options.



Waste Receptacles

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Our waste receptacles include surface-mounted recycled plastic, wood, and steel cans that are designed to look great while being functional and easy to maintain.


Bike Racks

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Our line of bike racks are attractive yet secure and are offered in sizes ranging from single bike applications, to the large bike storage needs of a school or public park.


Light Posts, Bollards, Flag Poles

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Our light posts, bollards, and flag poles offer attractive yet functional additions to a public spaces.



Granite Boulders

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Our Granite Boulders are an excellent addition to the landscaping of your park, playground, or anywhere you would like to add a more natural look. Available at extremely low per-pound prices.