Shade Shelters

We offer a wide array of shade options for protecting playgrounds and outdoor common areas including fabric shades and metal shelters. We also offer California Division of the State Architect approved shades for use in public facilities within the State of California.

Fabric Shade Canopies

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Our line of fabric shade canopies are a popular solution for cooling areas large and small. They offer up to 98% UV protection and can allow for temperatures up to 25 degrees cooler underneath. They are also extremely durable with a 10-year Pro-Rated warranty, Gatorshield galvanized corrosion resistant steel, and fray resistant fabric that does not sag or stretch over time.
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In addition we also offer California Division of State Architect (DSA) Approved Canopies that are structurally engineered to comply with the Division of State Architect guidelines regarding public structures such as the addition of fire-resistant fabrics and extra support bracing. To see structural drawings and receive a DSA approval checklist click here to download our canopy plans

Download our Fabric Shade Resource Kit:

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Metal Shade Shelters

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Our line of metal shade shelters include gazebos, arbors, urban transit shelters, clock towers, kiosks and more. They are designed to the highest architectural standards including California DSA approval on some models. With a wide array of materials and architectural styles the sky is the limit when it comes to customizing your shelter to match existing architecture and landscaping.


Vista Series Metal Shelters

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Vista Web 300x200 Shade SheltersThe vista series is a revolutionary new type of metal shade that takes advantage of roof space to create a viewing platform perfect for providing an elevated view of surroundings for patrons and guests. The vista series offers the same level of craftsmanship of our standard metal shade shelters including nearly zero exposed hardware, and coated steel that will protect the structure for years to come. Because of it’s dual level nature it can be incorporated into the landscape as shown in the rendering to the left providing a dual-use facility that maximizes the use of the space.

Download our Vista Elevated Platform Shelters Information Guide