Playground Equipment

The best playgrounds create a sense of fun and adventure while providing a safe environment for children to stretch their imaginations. By partnering with Playworld Systems we create structures that are engineered to be safe, toxin free, eco-friendly, easy to maintain, and most importantly….. Fun.


Early Childhood Playground Equipment (Ages 2-5)

Our Toddler line includes FirstPlay™ Infant Fun Centers, FirstPlay Toddler Designs, Toddlertown™, and Explorers Early Childhood Designs. These structures are simple to assemble and maintain featuring toxin-free pvc construction. Designed for indoor and outdoor applications they can be mounted to a variety of surfaces and offer steps, slides, and activities for children in their early childhood.

Firstplay Designs-Indoor/Outdoor Playground Structures for Infants & Toddlers

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The FirstPlay series is designed especially with the development of Toddlers and Infants in mind. All structures in this line feature toxin-free HDPE construction, portability, and easy installation using simple hand-tightened locking bolts and stakes. They include many interactive activities including: Art Panels, Sand and Water Play, Mirrors, Steps, Slides, and Windows. All of this provides an experience for children at many stages of early development.

Great for:

  • Head Starts
  • Pre-Schools
  • Daycares
  • Waiting Areas

Fun Centers

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Fun Centers are designed for maximum value in a compact design perfect for small children and small areas. They include activities such as learning languages, telling time, or matching objects while offering slides and climbers to play on.



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Our ToddlerTown line features in-ground mounted structures with various themed activity panels to provide the maximum amount of interaction in small spaces. Available themed structures include an art studio, village shop, hide-away hut, and activity center.


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Our Explorers line features many of the custom design elements of our larger play structure lines, but are designed for the 2-5 age group.

Ages 5-12

Our ages 5-12 product line includes a variety of play systems and themes to choose from including the Challengers, Playmakers, Adventure, PlaySimple, and Activo series. Design your own structure with the help of NSP3 or choose one of our pre-designed structures to fit your area, the sky is the limit with a vast selection of play elements to make your playground structure exactly the way you want it.

 Challengers and Playmakers Series

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Our Challengers and Playmakers series are our premier play systems for building elaborate custom playgrounds. Designed with 3.5″ and 5″ posts respectively to support large designs, wide decks, and an array of exciting play components these systems offer a variety of activities for children ages 5-12.

Adventure Series

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Our Adventure series is a durable, ground-based system based upon the concept of an obstacle course. By combining overhead climbers, balance beams, and climbing walls the Adventure series makes playing not only fun but a work out as well. The Adventure series is a great addition to a Challengers or Playmakers structure by mixing and matching components to offer both ground and elevated play components.



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The PlaySimple line is specifically engineered to minimize material cost while still retaining the fun and the thrill of our larger systems. They are available in different sizes and configurations to fit your budget and your space.




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The Activo series combines dramatic arches, angles, and shapes with ropes, nets, and other climbing features that are challenging and thrilling while fitting into smaller playground areas. The system is completely modular and customizable offering the ability to grow as needed with your playground. In addition, Activo is one of our most environmentally friendly playground designs because it contains fewer materials than a typical structure with a significantly lower carbon footprint.


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Our Neos line is the newest innovation in playground equipment because it combines the excitement of electronic games with fast-paced aerobic excercise. Kids can pick teams and Neos will keep score as buttons light up and they rush to hit them before going dark.

Available in three styles including the Wall, 360, and Ring you are able to pick a Neos system with the right size and amount of games for your playground.

Stand-Alone Products


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We offer a wide variety of swing styles for your playground including Tripod, Bipod, and Unipod swings for children of all sizes. Available in single-bay or multi-bay configurations manufactured using galvanized steel or powder-coated aluminum. We are also your source for swing parts including seats, shackles, and rubber coated chains.


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Our line of stand alone slides include various styles and materials including our Glide slides, Slither slides, Rumbe Seat slides, tube slides, and galvanized steel models. They are designed to be durable and easy to maintain and repair by using high quality materials and construction.




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Our climbers go way beyond your standard jungle gyms and include our rock blocks, rope web climbers, and several types of bars and themed climbers. They are excellent ways to promote upper body strength, balance, and they provide a sense of risk and height to thrill kids while being within fall height limits.

Motion Play

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Our line of motion play activities include see-saws and so much more like spring riders, spinners, and group-play rides that keep kids moving. They are great accessories for providing a lot of thrill in small corners of your playground.