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We are your complete supplier of all things sports and fitness from goals, nets, and bleachers to life-long fitness systems.

Energi Total Body Fitness Systems

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Our Energi fitness systems are designed for ages 13 and up with five stations that include a wide variety of exercises for a total body workout. Each station includes an instructional sign that details each workout as well as the necessary bars and benches to complete them. They are an excellent addition to a community park or school as they provide outdoor fitness instruction, and along with available lesson plans are an excellent tool in ongoing physical education.



Energi Jr.

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Energy Jr. was designed specifically for kids aged 9-14 years and is perfect for middle schools to enhance their physical fitness program. Energi Jr. is made up of packages of 5-7 fitness stations delivering over 84 total exercises. Each Energi Jr. station includes Microsoft Tag technology to allow students to scan a barcode on the station with their smartphone and download videos demonstrating the various workouts.



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XFitness Athletics & Fitness

Xfitness is a premium line of Outdoor Fitness equipment designed provide a total body workout while being durable and attractive. Each station is built from quality materials and are manufactured for durability, they are shipped mostly assembled saving you time during installation. No indoor fitness center dues or schedules, and the ability to improve Flexibility, Cardio and Muscle Strength outside in the fresh air; anytime on your own schedule, and at your own pace.
Our over 30-years experience manufacturing outdoor recreation equipment means we have the Made in the USA strength and know-how to bring comprehensive tness equipment into the great outdoors, and back it with the longest maintenance-free warranty in the business. Our graceful sweeping designs will compliment any outdoor setting, and act as healthy lifestyle magnets to residents, staff, visitors, tenants and patrons alike.

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Lifetrail Fitness Trail Systems

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Our Lifetrail Advanced Wellness Systems are designed for older adults as a perfect addition to nature trails, or parks. Developed in partnership with the American Fitness Professionals Association, Lifetrail offers 159 excercises detailed on 21 different easy to read activity panels that provide fitness instruction to people with a wide range of abilities.


Goals and Field Accessories

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Our line of field sport accessories include everything you need for your sports complex including goals, bleachers, backstops, nets, ball walls, and special purpose sports accessories.








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Our track and field surfacing products include our recycled rubber products such as FasTrack 123 and Playsoft crumb rubber infill as well as artificial turf. By directly offering these products straight from the manufacturers we keep costs low and quality high for your next track and field project.