NSP3 distributes quality Park and Playground Equipment Across Northern California

Our Products

nature sounds panel 320x480 Our ProductsNSP3 is the premier distributor in Northern California of commercial playground equipment by Playworld Systems. In addition, we offer safety surfacing, metal & fabric shade shelters, athletics and fitness equipment. As well as site amenities and accessories for parks and public areas.
With over 12 years of experience providing products to cities, schools, and private organizations we know what works and what doesn’t so we have chosen the safest, greenest, products by responsible big-name manufacturers, and we are offering them to you at extremely reasonable pricing.

What makes our park and playground products different?


  • Safety

    At NSP3 we first and foremost select products that are certified by major associations such as the Consumer Products Safety Commission. In addition all of our products are screened for hazardous materials that pose a threat to human health such as Asbestos, Lead, and Arsenic.

  • Sustainability

    In addition to safety, we believe that sustainability is equally important. That is why NSP3 has pioneered the selection of products that started life as recycled materials. Our portfolio of recycled products includes the ONLY Cradle to Cradle certified playground equipment, rubber mulch recycled from California-sourced passenger tires, plastic lumber for benches and tables sourced from milk jugs, and much more!

  • Reliability

    Poor quality park and playground equipment sticks out like a sore thumb. At NSP3 we offer products that not only look great but last a lifetime because they are built using the latest manufacturing techniques. Polyester Primed Rust-Resistant Steel, Powder Coatings, and plastics that never crack nor fade are just a few of these technologies that ensure the products you buy from us look the same ten years from the date of purchase.

  • Prompt Support

    If a part does break you can’t just wait around for a replacement with a park closed due to hazards. That is why we ensure our manufacturers offer the best warranties in the industry, and our friendly staff is here waiting to assist you in solving your problem.

  • Innovation

    We set ourselves apart from other distributors by offering products that allow kids of all ages to play in ways never before imagined. Products like outdoor musical instruments, and themed playgrounds help us to offer an entire portfolio of ways to play ensuring our most important customers, kids, never get bored and enjoy our playspaces for years to come.